EYP National Session Liverpool

The European Youth Parliament National Session for which we got selected earlier this year was a very unique and defining experience for me. The session took place in Liverpool at the Liverpool Hope University and went over four days from Thursday until Sunday. It was organized by other young EYP alumni all of whom are currently studying.

We arrived with our school delegation of 8 people but were all assigned different committees. My committee was “The Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice, and Home Affairs” or “LIBE”. We later also named us the “Libabes”. Our committee had the most amazing (obviously being very objective here) chair person to guide and help us during the session.

On the first day, we had one day of team building which was actually a lot of fun and really helped to get to know everyone. In the evening there was an event called Eurovillage where every school prepared food from one country (we were representing Denmark) which was reeeaaaaaal fun and well cool!

On our second day, we started with the committee work and worked all day on our informational- and operative clauses for our resolution towards our topic :

With a rise in the number of passengers experiencing harassment while travelling, or being denied travel on gender, religious, cultural and ethnic grounds, how can the European Union act to ensure safe travel for all while maintaining its stance against discrimination and ethnic profiling?

Our committee worked so well together and we all were so stunned by how efficiently we worked and how pleased we were with our resolution. I will have the final resolution attached at the end. We then had a pub quiz in the evening which the Libabes, unfortunately, didn’t win. At 12 o’ clock at night the resolution booklet of all committees was released and we spend the night preparing for our debate the next day. We went to sleep at 3 and woke up at 6:30.

On the third day, there was the GA or General Assembly or in another word the debate. We debated 7 resolutions some of which passed some off which didn’t. Our resolution however passed !! In the evening we had a concert where delegates sang and performed. It was a really good evening full of support, new friendships, and shared interests.

On Sunday we debated the last two resolutions. After the closing ceremony of the GA we all got little envelopes with little notes from our committee. It was a truly amazing experience and the people I met were people that were inspiring and interesting as well as fun and I hope to see them all again. The session ended with everyone from the board to the organizers to the delegates listening to “Imagine” and saying goodbye.

The photos from our amazing media team on the EYP Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/liverpoolnational2017/photos/?ref=page_internal


Our Resolution :


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