The Year 12 In Recap

To start off I can say that my year has been amazing! Though a rollercoaster ride I am very thankful for all the amazing opportunities I got and people I can call my friends.  Here are a few of my favourite memories and pictures of Year 12!

Colour Run
EYP Liverpool

Colour Run
Christmas Concert



Harry Potter Studios London



Betty’s my favourite place
Caste Howard


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Travel Diary: York



This has been the first time I have visited York or actually been to Yorkshire and I had lots of fun! The small streets, all the tea rooms -especially Betty’s-, the view from Clifford’s Tower, the soap race across the city, the English charm and the friendly people all came together perfectly well. Even the sun came out to say hello. We had two days to spend in York, which was really nice and if you have the time I would recommend taking two days.

Here are a few ideas and tips<3

There is the “York Pass” and if you are interested in visiting a lot of places and sights it might be interesting for you to check that out.

Places and Sights

City wall

Fun Fact: York has more miles of intact wall than any other city in England.



York Minster

We all would be surprised if there was an English city without a Gothic cathedral. Right?! In fact, the York Minster is the largest cathedral in Northern Europe. It is also the seat of the Archbishop of York! Having seen a couple 100 cathedrals around Europe (at least it feels like it ;D ) I was surprised how huge it really is!



Treasurer’s House

We only visited the garden of Treasurer’s House. The job of the Treasurer is to control the finances of the Minster but also to entertain important guests. This is the reason he was provided with this grand residence next to the Minster.



Shambles Street

We definitely had to take a look at the famous shambles street. The Shambles is an old street with buildings dating back as far as the fourteenth century.



Clifford Tower

The tower is providing you an amazing view of York!



York Castle Museum

In this Museum you get an inside look at the history of York. I really enjoyed walking through the streets of York from former times. It felt like I was time traveling to visit Queen Victoria. Dresses and toys are exhibited as well. Seeing old classrooms, shops and also prisons makes you feel like in a movie, since there are authentic dressed people walking around as well. If you are interested in World War 1 you will get quite some information there. I had a good time at the York Museum!


imageWhere to eat


to be honest this was my very favorite thing about York! I loved going Betty’s so much! For our second day in York, we had booked a tea session. I didn’t really know what to expect at first but it turned out to be a like you would expect a Downton Abbey tea party. We were brought to our table first passing a pianist who was playing while people were having there tea and scones. We got instructed to choose a tea, which I choose the Betty’s Afternoon Tea (apparently that’s what they are so famous for). We got served a little appetizer and they brought us a étagère with little sandwiches at the bottom and scones, little cakes and macaroons on the top. Sooo delicious! We also ordered a glass of champagne. If you’re looking for a treat while you are in York. You will definitely have your princess moment here<3




Lucky Days

A very comfortable little tearoom and restaurant with yummy food!


Fun Activities


Bus Tour

I very much enjoy hopping into a bus, driving through the city and learning interesting historical and funny facts. If you are the same, this is for you. You can hop on and hop off at every station you choose to and the ticket is valid for 24 hours. #thethingsthatmakelifeeasy 🙂



Boat Tour

We didn’t do a boat tour after all, but it looked very nice! But keep in mind you probably won’t see as much as you do from the bus.image


York, I will definitely be coming back!

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