My experience: Kent School of English in Broadstairs


The Kent School of English in Broadstairs

You might have heard about it. It’s a quite popular program in Europe that provides English classes to students and also adults.

I went in 10th grade together with my class, so I thought I’d tell you a little bit about it in case you are interested in doing the course.


The Programme

So there is a program for groups or classes, however, if your school doesn’t provide the opportunity there are programs to choose for you as an independent student. You must be between 12 and 20 years when traveling in a group and 16 -20 years when traveling as an independent student. You will be having English lessons every day with teachers changing. So you will have more than one teacher. There will be a small test in the beginning to classify your level you will be taught in. You will then have classes with people who are on a similar level then your English knowledge. A number of students in one class therefore vary but are small enough for you to get a chance in talking and big enough to have people who you can talk to 😀 if you know what I mean. You can choose a suitable program for you on their website. I will link it down below.



There are two options that rely on the program you chose. If you travel on your own you will be staying in a residential accommodation. Groups and classes are accommodated in host families. You can choose to go to a host family with a friend.



Your host families will provide you breakfast as well as dinner, so you mustn’t worry about that. Same goes with the residential accommodation I guess (I went there as a group, so I can only assume). You will receive special vouchers for lunch. In Broadstairs, there are restaurants that take these vouchers so you can pay with them to get your stomach filled with fish and chips.


After-School Activities

There are different activities planned for you. My class and I, for example, had a disco night, a folk song night, went bowling, went for a walk around the cliffs and visited Canterbury. We also spent one day in London.


So what I think about it…

First of all, I like England very much, so of course, I enjoyed my stay there. I think that Broadstairs is a nice town at the beach, which gets extra credit. Not an enormously big exciting metropolis but it does its job. The people are very friendly and are used to students asking for help. I really liked the program and benefited from only talking English to teachers and my host family. I also liked that all the teachers were very chill and nice. It was a good atmosphere and you felt supported. Looking back at it I feel like I should have gone up one level since the classes were a little bit easy. The stuff is very nice and I could have totally changed if I had asked. I really enjoyed being there with my friends and we had fun doing all different activities! I was very lucky because my friend and I went together to a very nice and welcoming host family. They were super sweet and cooked delicious meals. They also had two little children. I especially liked our trip to Canterbury it was nicely planned and we had a lot of free time as well. The trip to London was a little chaotic and we didn’t have too much time, but this had nothing to do with the Kent School of English, but with our bus… Other than getting to spend time with my friends, we also got to meet new people, which was fun. All in all, I would totally recommend it. It was quite short (only a week), so it went really fast, but I liked it. It was a nice mixture of learning and being with your friends.


I hope it helped some of you that are interested in the Kent School of English.

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Little sweets shop in Canterbury
2013_10_13 Samsung Helena 052
The beautiful beach in Broadstairs and yes the weather was great!

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