The Year 12 In Recap

To start off I can say that my year has been amazing! Though a rollercoaster ride I am very thankful for all the amazing opportunities I got and people I can call my friends.  Here are a few of my favourite memories and pictures of Year 12!

Colour Run
EYP Liverpool

Colour Run
Christmas Concert



Harry Potter Studios London



Betty’s my favourite place
Caste Howard


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Travel Diary: Visiting the Brontës

imageYesterday we went to visit Haworth. I really wanted to see the village the Brontë-Siblings grew up and lived. The village is quite small and very “English”. We weren’t the only ones visiting, in fact there where quite a few people, but that didn’t affect us at all. There are a few little tea rooms and shops, but one of the coolest things ( after the Brontë House ) was the old pharmacy in Haworth. We were told, that the Brontë Sisters like the rest of the village were getting their medicine from there. There is even a sign in front of the pharmacy, that explained, that the “Brontë-Brother” got his opium in that pharmacy, which then indirectly killed him. Nowadays the pharmacy is a little shop, where you can buy natural creams as well as soap and other cute little souvenirs ( but by souvenirs I mean nice souvenirs, not the kind you throw away after a week 😀 ). Of course, we also went into the Brontë Museum. It used to be the house, where they all lived. It has been recreated now to look the way it did back then.

image image image image image image image image image image image image image

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