Bonfire night!!!


Firework Video

On Saturday the 5th of November we celebrated bonfire night. We first had a bonfire with cakes and hot-dogs in our little village Heversham and then went to see a big firework in a town nearby.

In England, people celebrate Guy Fawkes Night to remember the enormous explosion planned for 5th of November to kill King James the First. Guy Fawkes and a group of men 36 barrels of gunpowder plot in the House of Parliament and waited for the King to arrive. They got caught by the police and we’re all killed. King James ordered the people of England to have a bonfire on the night of November 5th.


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London Trip


I really enjoyed my school trip to London last weekend! We started our trip on Sunday at 8 o clock in the morning and came back on Tuesday at midnight. Everything was well planned and we had a busy program to follow. The trip reminded me once again of how much I enjoy being in L O N D O N!

Sunday 8th of October

We arrived around 1 pm and started our London weekend at the National History Museum where we looked around and examined all the little critters that they have around there plus we got some additional biology revision, which is always a plus.imageAfter that, we went to Covent Garden to have a look around the shops and markets until we all met at Planet Hollywood to have a good old burger!
We then checked into our hotel. The “Quality Hotel” in Wembley will be remembered for its continental breakfast and slow internet! I shared a room with three of my friends and we had a lot of fun!


Monday 9th of October
After breakfast, we left for one of the highlights of the trip: The Harry Potter Studios! We got to see the original costumes and props as well as the great hall -which to be honest they make it seem a lot bigger in the movies- and learned about the special effects they used in the movies! It was great to be able to see everything and enjoy the magical and very own world of Harry Potter and I felt the excitement about the books once again.
Oh, why didn’t I receive a Hogwarts letter on my 11th birthday? Yet I’m here in England living my own boarding experience ;D



The Gryffindor Common Room



The dress Hermione wore to the ball in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ”



Some more costumes of the character “Luna Lovegood”



Potions  Laboratory



The office of Miss Dolores Umbridge



Masks used in the films






After Harry Potter we went to have pizza at the “Pizza Express” and it was delicious! Then we got to go to the Globe Theatre to watch the “Merchant of Venice”. We had to stand for 3 hours but I didn’t even care! I really enjoyed watching the play and thought it was really well done. The actors were brilliant and the costumes beautiful and authentic. The atmosphere of the open air theatre enhanced by the lights and illuminations they used made it an amazing experience. Shylock was played by Jonathan Pryce, who has been in various films, including “Pirates of the Caribbean” and after the play was over we saw Eddie Redmayne from “The Game of Thrones” Such a good day!





Tuesday 10th of October
On Tuesday we had booked a tour through the Globe Theatre,  including a stage-fighting-demonstration! I hadn’t really thought about the many fight scenes Shakespeare uses in his plays, but the exact choreography behind each and every fight scene is a passion for itself. We also learned about the different weapons they used back in that era.







After the tour of the globe, we had a tour of the National Theatre, which was really interesting as well and reminded me of my time in the Gärtnerplatz Theater where I did my work experience last year. The atmosphere in a theatre is a very special one.

We then went to watch the Women in Black which was scary! The rather small theatre with only two actors not counting the woman in black itself made me value an actual seat after standing in the merchant of Venice. It was interesting seeing effects used to make a play scary.

That was the end of our trip and we went back home. On the way back I even managed to finish my history essay on the Russian reforms. I am grateful for an amazing trip to broaden my horizons and having so much fun!
Thank you!

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Travel Diary: Visiting the Brontës

imageYesterday we went to visit Haworth. I really wanted to see the village the Brontë-Siblings grew up and lived. The village is quite small and very “English”. We weren’t the only ones visiting, in fact there where quite a few people, but that didn’t affect us at all. There are a few little tea rooms and shops, but one of the coolest things ( after the Brontë House ) was the old pharmacy in Haworth. We were told, that the Brontë Sisters like the rest of the village were getting their medicine from there. There is even a sign in front of the pharmacy, that explained, that the “Brontë-Brother” got his opium in that pharmacy, which then indirectly killed him. Nowadays the pharmacy is a little shop, where you can buy natural creams as well as soap and other cute little souvenirs ( but by souvenirs I mean nice souvenirs, not the kind you throw away after a week 😀 ). Of course, we also went into the Brontë Museum. It used to be the house, where they all lived. It has been recreated now to look the way it did back then.

image image image image image image image image image image image image image

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Travel Diary: York



This has been the first time I have visited York or actually been to Yorkshire and I had lots of fun! The small streets, all the tea rooms -especially Betty’s-, the view from Clifford’s Tower, the soap race across the city, the English charm and the friendly people all came together perfectly well. Even the sun came out to say hello. We had two days to spend in York, which was really nice and if you have the time I would recommend taking two days.

Here are a few ideas and tips<3

There is the “York Pass” and if you are interested in visiting a lot of places and sights it might be interesting for you to check that out.

Places and Sights

City wall

Fun Fact: York has more miles of intact wall than any other city in England.



York Minster

We all would be surprised if there was an English city without a Gothic cathedral. Right?! In fact, the York Minster is the largest cathedral in Northern Europe. It is also the seat of the Archbishop of York! Having seen a couple 100 cathedrals around Europe (at least it feels like it ;D ) I was surprised how huge it really is!



Treasurer’s House

We only visited the garden of Treasurer’s House. The job of the Treasurer is to control the finances of the Minster but also to entertain important guests. This is the reason he was provided with this grand residence next to the Minster.



Shambles Street

We definitely had to take a look at the famous shambles street. The Shambles is an old street with buildings dating back as far as the fourteenth century.



Clifford Tower

The tower is providing you an amazing view of York!



York Castle Museum

In this Museum you get an inside look at the history of York. I really enjoyed walking through the streets of York from former times. It felt like I was time traveling to visit Queen Victoria. Dresses and toys are exhibited as well. Seeing old classrooms, shops and also prisons makes you feel like in a movie, since there are authentic dressed people walking around as well. If you are interested in World War 1 you will get quite some information there. I had a good time at the York Museum!


imageWhere to eat


to be honest this was my very favorite thing about York! I loved going Betty’s so much! For our second day in York, we had booked a tea session. I didn’t really know what to expect at first but it turned out to be a like you would expect a Downton Abbey tea party. We were brought to our table first passing a pianist who was playing while people were having there tea and scones. We got instructed to choose a tea, which I choose the Betty’s Afternoon Tea (apparently that’s what they are so famous for). We got served a little appetizer and they brought us a étagère with little sandwiches at the bottom and scones, little cakes and macaroons on the top. Sooo delicious! We also ordered a glass of champagne. If you’re looking for a treat while you are in York. You will definitely have your princess moment here<3




Lucky Days

A very comfortable little tearoom and restaurant with yummy food!


Fun Activities


Bus Tour

I very much enjoy hopping into a bus, driving through the city and learning interesting historical and funny facts. If you are the same, this is for you. You can hop on and hop off at every station you choose to and the ticket is valid for 24 hours. #thethingsthatmakelifeeasy 🙂



Boat Tour

We didn’t do a boat tour after all, but it looked very nice! But keep in mind you probably won’t see as much as you do from the bus.image


York, I will definitely be coming back!

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My experience: Kent School of English in Broadstairs


The Kent School of English in Broadstairs

You might have heard about it. It’s a quite popular program in Europe that provides English classes to students and also adults.

I went in 10th grade together with my class, so I thought I’d tell you a little bit about it in case you are interested in doing the course.


The Programme

So there is a program for groups or classes, however, if your school doesn’t provide the opportunity there are programs to choose for you as an independent student. You must be between 12 and 20 years when traveling in a group and 16 -20 years when traveling as an independent student. You will be having English lessons every day with teachers changing. So you will have more than one teacher. There will be a small test in the beginning to classify your level you will be taught in. You will then have classes with people who are on a similar level then your English knowledge. A number of students in one class therefore vary but are small enough for you to get a chance in talking and big enough to have people who you can talk to 😀 if you know what I mean. You can choose a suitable program for you on their website. I will link it down below.



There are two options that rely on the program you chose. If you travel on your own you will be staying in a residential accommodation. Groups and classes are accommodated in host families. You can choose to go to a host family with a friend.



Your host families will provide you breakfast as well as dinner, so you mustn’t worry about that. Same goes with the residential accommodation I guess (I went there as a group, so I can only assume). You will receive special vouchers for lunch. In Broadstairs, there are restaurants that take these vouchers so you can pay with them to get your stomach filled with fish and chips.


After-School Activities

There are different activities planned for you. My class and I, for example, had a disco night, a folk song night, went bowling, went for a walk around the cliffs and visited Canterbury. We also spent one day in London.


So what I think about it…

First of all, I like England very much, so of course, I enjoyed my stay there. I think that Broadstairs is a nice town at the beach, which gets extra credit. Not an enormously big exciting metropolis but it does its job. The people are very friendly and are used to students asking for help. I really liked the program and benefited from only talking English to teachers and my host family. I also liked that all the teachers were very chill and nice. It was a good atmosphere and you felt supported. Looking back at it I feel like I should have gone up one level since the classes were a little bit easy. The stuff is very nice and I could have totally changed if I had asked. I really enjoyed being there with my friends and we had fun doing all different activities! I was very lucky because my friend and I went together to a very nice and welcoming host family. They were super sweet and cooked delicious meals. They also had two little children. I especially liked our trip to Canterbury it was nicely planned and we had a lot of free time as well. The trip to London was a little chaotic and we didn’t have too much time, but this had nothing to do with the Kent School of English, but with our bus… Other than getting to spend time with my friends, we also got to meet new people, which was fun. All in all, I would totally recommend it. It was quite short (only a week), so it went really fast, but I liked it. It was a nice mixture of learning and being with your friends.


I hope it helped some of you that are interested in the Kent School of English.

Scroll down to take a look at some pictures!





2013_10_13 Samsung Helena 050
Little sweets shop in Canterbury
2013_10_13 Samsung Helena 052
The beautiful beach in Broadstairs and yes the weather was great!

20141003_130135 20141003_164459 20141003_130128 20140929_164809 20141003_13011520141003_144751

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My first blog post!


hello everyone,

my name is Helena and this is my very first blog post ever! I am 16 years old, love summer, my friends and family and here are some of my interests:

dance, travel, literature, classic old Hollywood movies, food, culture, photography, stationary …

I wanted to create this platform to write and post about my interests and document and share thoughts of mine.

I am also going to go to an english boarding school next year and wanted to have a platform to write all of my experiences about it.


I am very excited for this journey!

I hope you all have an amazing day!

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