Half Marathon

Together with 3 other friends I fulfilled my goal for Year 12 ( well one of my goals for Year 12) to run a Half Marathon. 13.1 Miles or 21.097 Kilometres !! We did it and we were very proud. We ran along the promenade in Morecambe where the event took place. It was a very nice route and thankfully did not include any mountains or anything !!

Here is a picture of us after completing the half marathon!

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Kendal Colour Dash 2017!

Colour, Music, and Friends all mixed that is how I would describe the Colour Run in one sentence. I will remember this as an amazing day with beautiful weather – thanks, England this does not go unnoticed-!

The Colour Run was a 5 K run with all its proceeds going to St John’s Hospice, which is obviously an amazing reason. Moreover, however, it was one of the best days of this summer so far!

Here some Photos:

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