Travel Diary: Visiting the Brontës

imageYesterday we went to visit Haworth. I really wanted to see the village the Brontë-Siblings grew up and lived. The village is quite small and very “English”. We weren’t the only ones visiting, in fact there where quite a few people, but that didn’t affect us at all. There are a few little tea rooms and shops, but one of the coolest things ( after the Brontë House ) was the old pharmacy in Haworth. We were told, that the Brontë Sisters like the rest of the village were getting their medicine from there. There is even a sign in front of the pharmacy, that explained, that the “Brontë-Brother” got his opium in that pharmacy, which then indirectly killed him. Nowadays the pharmacy is a little shop, where you can buy natural creams as well as soap and other cute little souvenirs ( but by souvenirs I mean nice souvenirs, not the kind you throw away after a week 😀 ). Of course, we also went into the Brontë Museum. It used to be the house, where they all lived. It has been recreated now to look the way it did back then.

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  1. Oh how I envy you! Haworth is so picturesque and quaint, I shall definitely visit next time I’m in England. Thank you for the beautiful photos!

    P.S. Which of the Bronte siblings is your favourite?

    1. thank you very much! I have to admit I only read ‘Wuthering Heights’ so I can’t really compare but the others are on my bucket list !

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